Advanced Process

Our Critical Translation Workflow process combines advanced technology with a geographic network of U.S. Courts Certified Legal Translators.

Each time-sensitive language translation task is assigned to a team of Legal Translation experts. These translators are strategically deployed across the U.S., working simultaneously as well as successively in order to assure an uninterrupted process. In certain cases, our foreign language translation experts – located outside the United States in various global time zones such as Europe, South America and Asia – are called in to collaborate with their U.S. colleagues.

The language translation process begins immediately and continues around the clock as each document is relayed to supporting teams working in consecutive time zones. Thus, a 70-page legal document that would take other translation service providers up to two weeks to complete, takes us only a few hours. The end result? The highest quality translation in the shortest amount of time.

We’ve worked with clients on virtually every timetable imaginable. Sometimes we are given months to complete a translation project, where we typically end up returning the document well in advance of the deadline, giving our clients more time to prepare for trial or the presentation. We are also very experienced working with clients who have a deadline of only a few hours. Whether they’ve just been hired or they are the recipients of an evidence dump, we are more than capable of translating large volumes of legal documents on a fast turnaround time. Our professional approach is not dependent upon what you give us. We will make it happen, regardless of time, volume or content.

Once you’ve signed on with Legal Translation Solutions, we go to work immediately. Because our certified legal translators are in-house, we don’t have to go look for a translator or begin a bidding process. We know our translators and can easily assemble the best team according to their experience and location. We work on a secure, private server, ensuring extreme confidentiality. As our translators work on making the translated version an exact match to the original, our Translation Directors are happy to provide status reports and answer any question you may have. At Legal Translation Solutions, you are treated like the number one priority you are.

After the initial translation is complete, your document is then securely transferred to another expert with similar experience. It is checked for spelling, grammar and formatting errors. We don’t stop there, though. Your document is then checked again by two other professionals to ensure complete accuracy and eliminate unnecessary back and forth.

Unlike our competitors, we don’t rely on you to catch our mistakes or just deal with inconsistencies. We work hard to provide you with the best service possible by going above and beyond to ensure your complete satisfaction. We are proactive in our approach to your project, ensuring we have everything needed to get started and not delaying the process by asking for things as we go along. Since Legal Translation Solutions was founded, we’ve worked tirelessly to find the best legal translators in the industry. We’ve developed a solid relationship with our translators and are very familiar with their quality of work. We trust their extensive education, varied experience and timely results, knowing they will be as close to perfection as possible.

We know what it takes to provide successful legal document translation services. That’s why we’ve been the top choice for companies across the U.S. for nearly three decades. Our clients know they will receive a 100% accurate translation, friendly service and top-notch attention when working with Legal Translation Solutions. Our attention to detail, courtroom experience and dedication to perfection make us the preferred choice for legal document translation services.

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