English to German Document Translation Services: Efficient. Accurate. Certified.

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Are you looking for a reliable translation services partner, capable of providing top of the line English to German translations at unbeatable value?

At ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc., accuracy and reliability are our first priority in all our translation projects. We regularly translate a wide range of documents from or into 70 languages, including English into German. We translate a wide variety of materials such as patent applications, agreements, financial statements, marketing materials, medical and scientific research papers, to name a few. Our English to German translation professionals are native German speakers with advanced degrees, specializing in different areas of expertise and industries.

Only The Best

We seek out the most qualified translators and retain the best. They hold accreditations and/or certifications from the world’s leading translation organizations, such as:

  • The American Translators Association (ATA)
  • The United Nations
  • The National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators
  • The Institute of Linguists
  • Institute of Translation and Interpreting

Outstanding Reputation

Our clients know that they can rely on us, and we are always proud to receive feedback. B. Monty Maughan from FAA – Aviation System Standards, one of our aviation industry clients that requires highly complex translations, wrote, “Thanks for your very professional work, prompt service, and great rates!” It is paramount for us to build long-lasting relationships with linguists and clients alike, which allows us to consistently deliver high-quality document translations and exceed expectations in terms of accuracy, reliability, and speed. Our translation directors are always available to answer questions, accommodate last minute requests, and facilitate communication whenever the client has inquiries regarding terminology, layout or other document-specific matters.

Fail-Proof Process

We have established our proprietary ExAct process to help us ensure not only the highest accuracy but also the fastest turnaround times. Our network of professional translators truly spans the entire globe, with document translation experts in every time zone to form what we call virtual translation tag teams. Each team includes the primary translator, editor to fine-tune the work, and proofreaders to check figures and completeness as well as to make sure that not even the smallest detail hast been overlooked. If layout work is needed, the team also includes an experienced desktop publishing specialist, who will send the final files for one last check back to the original translator to review the copy. Only after completion of these steps, will the translation be released to the client. Thanks to the strategic placement of the individual assignments across different time zones, however, the project is in the works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and even rush projects can be completed in record time.

We Are Here For You

It is easy to get in touch with one of our dedicated translation directors. Request a quote online, start a chat, give us a call or send an email – we will immediately begin the process by asking all the pertinent questions to meet your requirements and find the best-suited “A team” for your project. It will be important for us to find out if you have a set deadline for the translation, if the file or files submitted are the final version, whether or not you would like us to reproduce any redlining contained in your document, and also if the translation is intended for a specific market. Swiss German, for example, has slightly different spelling rules and some vocabulary differences, so it is crucial that English to German translations specifically intended for Switzerland are handled by Swiss natives or German linguists with expertise in Swiss German. Should you require a notarization of the translated documents, we will be happy to facilitate this service as well. ASTA-USA is here to meet all your language services needs.

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