Accurate Document Translation is What Makes the Business World Go Round

It comes as no surprise that America’s top 10 businesses interact on the international market. What is also not surprising is the fact that they rely on dependable, 100% accurate document translation services in order to be successful in their global ventures. Legal Translation Solutions and its parent company, ASTA-USA Translation Services Inc., is the preferred translation services vendor to the majority of the largest U.S. corporations doing business on multiple continents and markets, and is prepared to translate your business communications, legal documents, texts and marketing materials, from and into, any of over 70 languages. Whether you work in the corporate world, technology, finance, law, marketing, science and research or any other type of business, our native-speaking translators work around the clock to provide your company with an error-free translation that is on time and on budget. Still don’t think business and legal document translation is vital for the success of a company? This week we’ll take a look at how 5 of the top 10 companies in America have used reliable business translation services to thrive in the international market.

General Electric:

General Electric is an established, successful company here in the U.S., but did you also know that it has been in Europe for over 100 years as well? According to their website, GE “employs approximately 84,000 people in Europe with annual revenues of €23.85 billion and [has] a footprint that covers every corner of the continent.” Not only does GE specialize in power, water, energy services and oil and gas, it’s also making great strides within different healthcare systems, medical diagnostics, surgery and more. Currently, GE has offices and manufacturing sites in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom. With constant innovations and different people groups working together to create the best products for the company, it’s essential that GE partners with a dependable translation services company. They don’t have time to waste on subpar document translation that has to be fixed several times. If they don’t put up with it, why should you?

The Coca-Cola Company:

Coca-Cola is one of the most well-known companies in the U.S., and possibly even around the world. That means they have a major responsibility to be sure that they are connecting with each of their target markets and cultures while realizing that not one size fits all. With an established brand and voice, Coca-Cola is still working to create exciting new marketing and innovation to ensure that their position doesn’t fall flat with customers. Earlier this year, the company announced a new merger with the world’s largest independent Coca-Cola bottler. According to its website, “Coca-Cola European Partners will serve more than 300 million consumers across 13 countries in Western Europe, including the region’s four largest markets for nonalcoholic ready-to-drink beverages: Germany, Spain, Great Britain and France.” This opens up a major channel for the drink company, allowing them to expand from smaller customers to larger ones, as well as enabling the company to trade on the Euronext Amsterdam, Euronext London, New York Stock Exchange and Spanish Stock Exchange. With this incredible opportunity comes a great responsibility to effectively communicate in a variety of languages and learn about each culture. Each market has unique marketing regulations and codes, including wording, packaging and advertisements. Therefore, while doing an English to Spanish, English to French or any other type of straight translation may suffice, it won’t necessarily endear consumers the way Coca-Cola would prefer. Native-speakers, like the ones at Legal Translation Solutions and ASTA-USA, know the culture and how to translate colloquialisms and the overall idea behind the original version of the text. This concept is so vital to the success of international document translations that an “easy” or “inexpensive” technology-based translation will never work.

Philip Morris:

Philip Morris International joined the UN Global Compact last year, with the goal of improving human rights, labor rights, the environment and anti-corruption strategies. Although the tobacco company earns its profit through the sale of cigarettes, it’s part of an innovation within the industry to build technological advances that encourage non-combustible nicotine products, thereby reducing the health risks of smoking. CEO Andre Calantzopoulos, wrote, “We recognize the challenges ahead and that a collaborative approach is key to success. We aim to be transparent regarding the issues we face, humble regarding our progress and open to share, learn and engage with others. I cordially invite you to comment, challenge and guide us as we seek to continuously improve the sustainability of our business and contribute to the global sustainability agenda.” This is no small feat, as he is essentially inviting the world to keep him and his company accountable to the ideas that could have a negative impact on the tobacco industry. Asking people to engage with Philip Morris International and provide their feedback from all over the world means that the company needs experienced, knowledgeable translators on their side. Questions and comments will come in the form of email, social media comments, tweets, phone calls, press releases and more. In order to be successful and achieve the transparency promised, the tobacco company needs to rely on dependable translation services. People who understand the culture and backgrounds of the people they are interacting with can more fully comprehend the problem and effectively answer their questions. Accurate document translations protect companies from unneeded confusion and reinforce their upstanding reputation.


Earlier this year, McDonald’s announced its plan to “unlock growth potential in key markets throughout Asia to advance the company’s future growth plans.” President and CEO, Steve Easterbrook, stated, “Asia represents a significant area of opportunity for McDonald’s to blend our global quality standards with local insights and expertise from partners who share our vision and values. This will allow McDonald’s to accelerate our growth and scale faster across diverse markets placing us closer to our customers and the communities we serve.” The company hopes to learn more about different Asian cultures in order to encourage local ownership and franchise opportunities. In order to successfully achieve this goal, McDonald’s will have to accurately translate its training materials, packaging, advertisements and more from English into Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese. With culture-specific menu items like the Croque McDo in France, the Nuremburger in Germany and Gazpacho soup in Spain, McDonald’s is already well-versed in recognizing local culture and adapting their product to appeal to the target market. Expanding its reach in Asia, and therefore encountering several dialects, languages and cultures, McDonald’s needs to partner with native-speaking, human translators that can be trusted to provide error-free document translations.

Abbott Laboratories:

Abbott Laboratories plays a major role in healthy living around the globe. Healthcare documents, whether they are marketing materials, recipes or medical diagnostics and device instructions, require completely accurate translation. As stated on their website, “From infants to the elderly, we offer science-based nutrition products to make every stage of life a healthy one. Our broad line of products around the globe, with leading brands like Similac, Ensure, Glucerna, PaediaSure, EAS and ZonePerfect, provide people with a variety of health conditions with the nutrients they need to thrive. This commitment to enhancing health and well-being at every stage of life has made us a leading nutrition company.” Peoples’ lives and health depend on the accurate translation of their product descriptions, directions and ingredients. Legal Translation Solutions’ human document translators have experience in every field, enabling them to not only translate the text of a document, but the meaning of what’s been written. Therefore, they know how to translate an idea that others might deem “untranslatable,” and ensure that the translated text is an exact copy of the original.

To Be Continued…

Check back next week to see the rest of our top 10 list and learn more about how those companies are utilizing professional document translation services to grow their international presence, and learn how you can incorporate their success into your business plan. A plan that should always include a reliable document translation services company like Legal Translation Solutions. Call or click for your free quote today.

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