Accurate Document Translation is What Makes the Business World Go Round: Part II


Last week on the Legal Translation Solutions blog we highlighted the top 10 U.S. companies and how they’re using the reliable translation of written business communications and the accurate translation of business marketing materials to further their international success. This week we’re covering the second set of 5 companies and how each company is growing, thanks in part to its accurate document translations. As noted last week, Legal Translation Solutions’ parent company, ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc., is the preferred translation services vendor for the majority of the largest U.S. corporations doing business on multiple continents and markets, and is prepared to translate your business communications, legal documents, texts and marketing materials, from and into, any of over 70 languages. Whether you work in the corporate world, technology, finance, law, marketing, science and research or any other type of business, our native-speaking translators work around the clock to provide your company with an error-free translation that is on time and on budget.

Kraft Foods:

Kraft Foods, or Mondelez International as they are known in Europe, caters to many different languages and cultures, requiring them to not only know what products to sell, but to understand each unique culture and language. The countries include: Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Austria, Czech, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, FYR of Macedonia, Montenegro, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Belgium, France, Netherlands and Luxembourg. With that many cultures and languages included in Kraft’s target audience, they need to invest in high-quality business document translation services. With Legal Translation Solutions, our accredited, human translators have an innate understanding of the language and culture because they are native speakers of the language your company needs. This enables them to translate what technology-derived systems often miss or deem “untranslatable.” It also helps them to be able keep the idea of your document intact, leading to more successful business deals, marketing campaigns and happy customers.


DuPont has been in business for over 200 years, growing and expanding its reach throughout the world in order to better it. This company’s goal is to increase “safety and health, environmental stewardship, (the) highest ethical behavior and respect for people.” They employ experts from over 90 countries to increase innovation in fields such as, “agriculture, nutrition and health, bio-based industrials, electronics and communications, advanced materials and safety and protection.” When dealing with such specified and important fields, it’s vital that DuPont utilizes reliable, 100% accurate document translation services. Legal Translation Solutions and ASTA-USA have a global network of accredited translators who specialize in legal translation, marketing, finance, business, healthcare, science and research and more. With the ability to translate into or from over 70 languages, our linguists provide flawless translations every time. If DuPont couldn’t accurately translate their findings, research and instructions, holding true to the original thought and intent, they wouldn’t be able to expand or positively impact the world.


NewsCorp is a collection of news companies that keep the public informed about topics such as media, news, education and other information. Some of its companies include The Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Fox Sports, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Times, Vogue, GQ and more. They also cover real estate listings, and just this week announced plans to launch a global property network. This new network will combine online real estate portals in Australia, Italy, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Thailand and U.S.-based®. CEO of Move, Inc., Ryan O’Hara, stated, “This is an important step forward in the evolution of real estate. We’re part of a global community of international property sites that enable people to search with confidence for real estate properties and information all around the world.” With that kind of audience, and their normal readership, NewsCorp absolutely has to partner with a reliable document translation services company. Incorrect news translations could spark fear, outrage, confusion and a plethora of other negative side effects, as well as damage their reputation. Legal Translation Solutions’ unique ExAct™ proofreading method ensures that your translated business document is perfect the first time around. Thanks to our global network of accredited translators, we can also provide a fast turnaround time for your company’s important translation projects, enabling you to not skip a beat within the business community.


Ford announced the exciting news this summer that their sales have risen 7.5% in Europe during the first half of the year, cementing their current status as Europe’s number one CV brand. It’s the company’s best first half sales since 2010 and its best commercial vehicle sales since 1993. The countries included in this demographic are Austria, Belgium, Britain, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Romania, Sweden and Switzerland. Each of these cars comes with an owner’s manual, instructions, parts, etc. that need to be translated into each of the languages associated with the 20 countries listed above. Without the accurate translation of these automotive documents, Ford would lose its standing as one of the top 10 global companies. Each manual needs to be an identical match to the original, both in textual content and idea. There is no room for error. Without it, local mechanics and owners wouldn’t know what to do if something went wrong. They wouldn’t know what parts to order, fix or even who to contact. Translating technical documents and manuals requires a translator who knows the subject matter and the language.


Honeywell is a company geared around bringing innovative ideas to life to make the world a better place. A perfect example of this is how they helped China turn coal into plastic through the use of new technology. China faced a large demand for plastic, but lacked the natural resources to create it. With some of the largest natural coal reserves in the world, Honeywell created a new process to turn coal into plastic. Honeywell has partnered with private Chinese companies to build a plant in China and grow their presence within the country. By partnering with private enterprises, “Honeywell allows companies to use their own engineering capabilities and combine them with Honeywell’s breakthrough process.” Accurate document translation is obviously key in this type of global business situation. Honeywell needs to ensure that its corporate policies are correctly translated from English to Chinese, as well as being able to translate new ideas and communications from Chinese to English. Their way of handling this situation and growth is respectful of the Chinese culture, natural resources and talent.

International document translation is a must-have if you’re planning to take your company international, or expand its global reach. It’s not something to leave to the last minute or the lowest bidder. Your business document translation is a direct reflection of your company. If your directors and CEO cannot walk into an international business meeting confident that each party is on the same page and has a thorough understanding of the business at hand, what is the point? Inaccurate, unreliable translation of written business communications, business marketing materials, or legal documents is the fastest way to end your company’s goal of global expansion. Don’t take the risk; call Legal Translation Solutions today for a free quote to see how we can help you be as successful as possible with error-free legal document translations.

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