Top Multilingual Countries: Luxembourg

This week we’re spotlighting Luxembourg, a tiny country that’s big on language. What can big business learn from this small country? Read on to find out.

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According to Mother Nature Network, the tiny country of Luxembourg boasts citizens that are fluent in four different languages. The co-official languages are French and German, with official government communication conducted in French. However, English is taught in all schools, and when speaking to one another, citizens use Luxembourgish, a unique combination of German and French words.

A mostly rural, country, much of the economy is dependent on farming and tourism. Its famed parks, towns and scenery draw people from all over the world. Whether visitors are from neighboring countries like France or Germany, or English-speaking ones like the United Kingdom or America, Luxembourg’s unique multilingual society attracts people from all over the world and helps them feel at home. Residents’ ability to speak 4 languages gives them an economic advantage by widening their customer reach and accommodation, allowing people who work in hotels, restaurants and stores to cater to customers in a personal way.

The big business lesson here: Be sure your written business materials are communicating in the language your international audience speaks. If you rely on a technology-based translation, it is almost guaranteed to be flawed, tarnishing your company’s reputation and product. Even though many international customers speak English, a company should still translate their products into the official language of specific regions where their customers live.

You may be wondering why that’s important, or questioning the return on investment of such an act. Here’s why international business translation is so important: it creates brand loyalty. Sure it will drive sales, but when your customers see that your company has taken enough interest to communicate in their language and market to their culture, it creates a connection. Not only do they just want or need your product, they hold your entire company in a higher regard and will be more likely to suggest your product to their friends and family. Every person wants to feel special and important, what better way to do that than by investing in the culture and language of your target international audience?

In order to successfully do this, however, you must partner with a translation services company that knows what it’s doing. One such company is ASTA-USA Translation Services Inc., and its legal division, Legal Translation Services. Our native-speaking translators are career experts who have unrivaled experience within the translation services industry. Strategically located around the world, they have experience in over 70 fields, including business, marketing, law, finance, science and research, government, education, fashion, advertising and more. With this experience, our linguistic experts are able to take your translation project beyond rote text translation. They understand the document and its original thought and meaning, allowing us to give you a more comprehensive translation, and ensuring that it is an exact match to the original in both text and thought.

We can also provide translation services from or into 70 languages, including English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Tagalog, Spanish, Russian, Cambodian, Mandarin and more. Our innovative ExAct proofreading system ensures an error-free document translation the first time we return your project. Your document is read, translated, proofread, proofread and proofread again by different experts with a fresh pair of eyes. We understand that time is valuable to your business and will not take advantage of your time and trust by returning faulty, inaccurate translations. As a company that has partnered with top corporations in its nearly 30-year history, we value your partnership and aim to make it as long-lasting as possible.

So take a page from the Luxembourg book of success and cater to your audience by translating written communications into their native language. It’s a small investment that will really go a long way. Contact ASTA-USA today for a free quote for your project and let us help you make the most of your international business endeavors.

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