Automobile Manufacturing Case Study

ASTA-USA has had the privilege of partnering with a top international automobile manufacturer since the early 1990s. Both companies have built their brand and reputation on one word: Reliability. For nearly 30 years, we’ve partnered closely with this company to provide fast, accurate and dependable services in the following ways:

 Automobile Manufacturer’s Corporate Translation Services Needs

Locations 52 overseas plants in 27 countries & regions
Frequency of Translation Needs Constant
Departments Needing Translation Services Inventory Control, Parts, Technology, Robotics, Assembly, Training, IT, Marketing
Types of Documents Printed Memos, Technical Manuals, Email, Letters, Marketing Materials
Typical Project Size Complex & Dense Document Volume
Knowledge of Dialect Differences Required Yes, several

It’s All in the Details

As evidenced by our on-going, long-lasting partnership with this major international company, ASTA-USA understands the importance of detail. We know that translating a technical manual from Japanese to English isn’t simple. Is the document going to America or the UK? Although both countries speak English, each has different spellings of words and uses different terms. What about marketing materials going to Mexico and Spain? Does simple Spanish translation cover all regions in each country? Not hardly. Our quality translators understand each of the dialect differences and can pick up on these subtleties and provide 100% accurate document translation services for your company.

Commitment to Excellence

In addition to our attention to detail, we also hold ourselves to a standard of perfection. As a businessman, ASTA-USA’s founder, Alain J. Roy, was tired of inadequate document translation services. They were often not detailed enough, accurate or quick enough for his business needs. Therefore, he developed a business plan that would allow him to provide the services he was always searching for. ASTA-USA’s ExAct™ proofreading method is a three-tiered method where a document is translated by a subject matter expert, proofread by another expert and proofread yet again by another expert. At ASTA-USA, your document is given detailed attention and treated like the top priority it is.

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