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The Windy City, home of the 44th President and listed as one of the world’s top ten Global Financial Centers, has been rated an “alpha world city” by the World Cities Study Group at Loughborough University. Thanks to its high level of diversification, it is also considered the most balanced economy in the United States.

An international city with a wide range of industries-including printing and publishing, manufacturing, transportation, banking and insurance-requires translation services that can keep up with its diversity in language combinations and trades. Chicago’s important role in the global economic system leaves no room for mistakes when it comes to communication on a worldwide level. Legal Translation Solutions and its parent company, ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc., are full-service document translation agencies built on reliability, high quality and accuracy who make sure that the job gets done right, every time.

We work with a network of over 12,000 professional document translators in more than 70 language pairs, and our project managers know how to identify the specifics of each project and match it with a corresponding team of specialized translators. It is crucial to select experienced document translators with the adequate field of expertise; since even within the same industry, different types of materials may need to be handled by different teams.

Let’s say, for instance, your company is in the food processing business-one of the primary sectors in Chicago, which is still considered the nation’s “candy capital”-and you need product launch presentations translated into different languages. First of all, the document translators in the different target languages to be assigned to the project need to be familiar with the vocabulary of the industry, but they need to be equally experienced in the verbiage of marketing and PR to make the target text appealing and successful.

Then you contract a number of foreign distributors or machine manufacturers, and now you need translations of distribution agreements and so forth. Should the same document translation team be assigned, if the languages are identical? The answer is: Only if the translators also specialize in legal translation for your industry, which is not always the case.

As a matter of fact, legal translation is an extremely specialized field in itself, dealing with highly charged concepts and consisting of a very specific terminology that often lacks direct equivalents between source and target language. That’s why we created Legal Translation Solutions, an entity entirely dedicated to legal translations in different industries and trades.

Between Legal Translation Solutions and our parent company ASTA-USA Translation Services, we have the capacities and resources to put together the right translator team for every individual project. We have regional offices in the Midwest, and our project managers and lead professional translators are located throughout the State of Illinois, across the US, Canada and around the world.

The city that hosted last year’s first-ever global cities forum, welcoming municipal leaders from many different countries, finds its own diversity, balance and quality reflected in our company.

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