Commitment to Accuracy

As important as detail and accuracy are for your casework, they are equally as important to us. That’s why our Critical Translation Workflow process includes three intensive stages:

1. Translation
2. Editing/Proofreading
3. Final Review/Certification

Our certified translators analyze the document every step of the way with the diligence and attention to fine print that is critical to legal translation.

We understand that mistakes cannot be made in the courtroom. Every detail has to be flawless in order to be successful. That’s why our processes are as thorough as possible. Our certified translators are not only translation experts, they have legal experience as well. Therefore, they understand how documents need to be worded and how to translate legal sayings in order to still be effective and clearly communicated.

Our commitment to accuracy is what has made us the preferred legal document translation services provider in the country. We’ve had countless clients come to us after wasting months with other companies. Oftentimes they’ve received inaccurate translations several times, or they’ve just been made to wait while other clients take precedence. That’s something you won’t experience with Legal Translation Solutions. We have the resources and appreciation to treat all of our clients like our number one priority because they are. We value your time and partnership, and do everything we can to reflect that. It’s why we strive to provide the perfect legal translation the first time we return your document to you; why we listen to your project needs and adapt our business practices to make it work. We don’t listen to your needs and tell you how to change them to fit our preferences; we listen to you and make the situation work for everyone.

Deadlines don’t change our standards for accuracy. Many clients have received subpar legal document translation services from other companies because they were on a rushed deadline. That’s not what you will experience at Legal Translation Solutions. Even if your deadline is only hours away, we will assemble our best team of experts to translate your documents, proofread them for any errors and certify that it’s completely accurate. We are here to serve our clients and provide unbeatable service, which is why we structured our business practices with our clients’ success in mind.

Here is what some of our satisfied customers have had to say about their experience with our commitment to accuracy:

“Thanks for your very professional work, prompt service and great rates!”
– B. Monty Maughan, FAA – Aviation Systems Standards

“Thanks again for a terrific job… You are the best!”
– Anne Catherine Savage, UBS Investment Bank

“You are always on top of everything. The translation is perfect and the service is first class!”
– Ron Bar, Citigroup

At Legal Translation Solutions, we want each of our clients to feel valued and receive the best services possible. That’s why no language pair, court document or situation is too much for us to handle. We want to help you and your clients be successful and therefore do everything in our power to help you prepare. No matter the volume of your project, the deadline or the subject matter, we will provide you with fast, accurate and reliable legal document translation services. The strategic location of our linguistic experts – in addition to their worldwide courtroom experience – allow us to create a skilled team of accredited translators to work on your project virtually around the clock. We provide faster, more accurate and more dependable legal document translation services than anyone else in the industry. Contact us today to receive a free quote on your project and let us help you take the next step in your legal proceedings.

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