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The economy of the city of Denver, Colorado founded in the high times of the Gold Rush and known for its fast rise as Energy Boom Town in the 70s, is still very much based on energy and mining, thanks to the city’s prominent position near the mineral-rich Rocky Mountains.

Many multinational corporations call the Mile-High City home, and in view of the tremendous significance the energy and power sector has today on a global level, multilingual translation services in this area play a crucial role. When it comes to document translation, the expertise and field of specialization of the professional translator chosen for each individual project are key-selecting a certified translator in the right language combination is not enough.

At Legal Translation Solutions and our parent company, ASTA-USA Translation Services, our project managers take great care to ensure that every assignment is handled by the document translation team best suited for the respective job. This means that if the translation project requires expertise in renewable energies, the professional translators who will be working on the project specialize in translations in this field. Furthermore, different translators will be assigned depending on the nature of the document(s) to be translated-if our example project from above is of legal nature, legal translators specializing in renewable energy will be assigned, contributing in-depth knowledge of judicial terms and systems of source and target markets. If it is of technical nature, translators with the same field of expertise but experienced in translating technical documentation will be assigned.

As Foreign Trade Zone and with its unique geographic location that allows communication with both North American coasts, South America, Europe, and Asia in the same business day, global business is on Denver’s agenda every day in more than just a few industries. Our careful selection process and the ensuing high quality results of our translation services have allowed us to build relationships of trust with clients in many of the sectors that make up another large part of Denver’s and Colorado’s economic landscape.

Be it telecommunications, transportation, finance, manufacturing: No matter what industry you are working in and what type of documents you need translated, our project managers and lead document translators-located in Denver, throughout the state of Colorado, across the US, Canada, and around the world-will provide you with the right team and top results.

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