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France is well known as being highly protective not only of its culture, but also of its language, the latest language protection law having come into effect as recently as in 1994. This certainly has a tremendous effect on French translations, including French legal translations, since anything not rendered absolutely accurately from and especially into French will not be accepted.

Legal Translation Solutions is a translation agency dedicated to meeting these high standards and selects its teams of professional French translators accordingly. Only translators that are native of France and qualified in the legal field handle our English to French document translations intended for this particular market. Likewise, documents to be translated for Canadian clients are handled by professional translators specializing in Canadian French as well as in Canadian law.

Since French is not only the official language of France and one of the two official languages of Canada, we choose professional French translators familiar with the linguistic particularities of each French-speaking country and their legal systems, matching the requirements of every individual project. Needless to say, in addition to their specialized knowledge, our French to English translators all have a high command of English legalese.

One of the challenges in French to English document translation is the exceedingly formalized, almost archaic language of French public and court documents. Ironically, English lawyers after the Norman Conquest in 1066 used the French legal language in court, pronouncing the French words as if they were English, which became known as “Law French,” further including the transcription of spoken English in the recording of legal propositions. French law terminology thus formed the basis of the English legal vocabulary, but while there are a number of terms still used today (e.g. appeal, negligence, verdict, heir, demand, indictment), the overall style and composition of these types of documents is very specific, requiring experience and skill on the part of the professional French translator.

To provide top French to English and English to French document translation services, we custom-tailor our translator teams to suit the project at hand, not only in terms of source and target market but also with regard to the respective legal field of expertise (copyright, patent, tax, licensing, etc). Your French translation needs will be met by skilled and highly specialized professional translators who master the “Law French” and “Law English” of today.

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