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Without question, Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the most spectacular and unique cities there is. The renowned “Entertainment Capital of the World”, famous for gaming, shows, shopping and dining, attracts an astonishing 37 million visitors per year from all over the globe.

With such an international mix on an everyday basis, translation services need the resources to deliver fast, accurate, and high quality work. What’s more, this kind of setting often calls for complex translation solutions, be it for large-scale multilingual document translations needed within the shortest amount of time possible or in order to skillfully handle culturally sensitive translation projects.

At Legal Translation Solutions and our parent company, ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc., we not only work with a global network of over 12,000 professional document translators, we also have developed a special workflow process. This process allows us to strategically deploy accredited document translators in different time zones around the world, which means that time-sensitive projects can be processed nonstop in minimum time, without having to risk accuracy and quality.

Businesses and organizations in Las Vegas need to constantly cater to an international audience and know that miscommunications can be costly. Moreover, global business and communication in Las Vegas and Nevada are not only limited to tourism and gaming, and the state is making a big push to further globalize the region. PRNewswire just reported that the Nevada Commission on Economic Development spearheaded an unprecedented number of internationally-focused initiatives during the fourth quarter of 2009, resulting in higher paying jobs and $9.39 million in new aggregate sales in the state over the next year.

Translation services support is thus of the highest order, and our companies deliver top of the line document translations in a wide range of industries, executed by certified translators who specialize in different areas of expertise. Our project managers and lead document translators are located in Las Vegas, throughout the Southwest, across the US, Canada, and around the world and look forward to assist you with your one-of-a-kind document translation needs.

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