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Miami, Florida connects the US with Central and South America more than any other city and has become a major hub for European and other international businesses over the past few decades. It has the second highest share of foreign-born residents in the US-totaling 60 percent of the population-and serves as one of the nation’s leading centers for trade, banking and finance.

No question about it: Translation services are a crucial part of Miami’s infrastructure and professional translation needs are as diverse as the city. When the boom began in the early 90s, Time Magazine wrote (in an article tellingly entitled Miami: The Capital of Latin America): “There are Brazilians buying condos, Frenchmen opening clubs, Nicaraguans selling TVs and washers, Italians building public rail systems. And the Cubans: everywhere.”

It takes competent language translation services companies to facilitate commercial activity on such an international level. In order to handle document translation services with Latin American clients alone, translation services agencies need to have a network of professional Spanish translators specializing in country-specific vocabularies and concepts, since idioms and terminologies vary greatly between the many Spanish-speaking nations.

With so many firms from all over the world using Florida to access Latin American and Caribbean markets, as well as the U.S. market, Miami translation agencies must be able to offer a wide variety of language combinations and a broad range of specializations. Florida hosts some 300 regional and hemispheric headquarters of companies from every corner of the planet and many organizations base other facilities, such as those for warehousing, distribution and manufacturing, in the state.

Legal Translation Solutions and its parent company, ASTA-USA Translation Services, have the resources needed in this diverse setting. We deliver high quality document translations in any language and know how to identify exactly what specialty is required for each particular project. Our company is looking forward to serving your translation needs in the “hemispheric crossroads for trade, travel and communications” (Time) that the city of Miami is today.

We have a Florida regional office located in Miami. Our project managers and lead professional translators are located throughout the State of Florida, across the United States, Canada, and around the world.

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