Legal Document Translation Services
We handle any legal document translation in any language pair. Legal Translation Solutions is prepared to translate ordinary, everyday legal paperwork as well as mission critical, time and case-sensitive documents.

Mission Critical
At Legal Translation Solutions, we understand that much of the legal process can be fast-paced and last minute. Over the years, we’ve had several clients turn to us in their hour of need – after receiving last-minute paperwork days, sometimes hours, before trial – asking for help translating thousands of pages of documents. These clients are never turned away or told no; we immediately go to work assembling the perfect team of translators for their project. The strategic location of our linguistic experts allows us to put together a team that can work virtually around the clock to return your documents on time and as a perfect match to the original. Your success and satisfaction is our number one goal.

Everyday Need
We also receive daily requests for legal document translation that is not necessarily time sensitive. We still handle these projects with confidentiality and priority in order to provide unparalleled service on or before the deadline. Due to our extensive network of certified legal translators, your project is never put on the back burner; it’s always treated as a top priority.

The Legal Translation Solutions Difference
Legal Translation Solutions features document translators with courtroom experience, giving them an enhanced understanding of the documents they’re translating. Therefore, they understand how points need to be worded and how to translate arguments and culture-specific sayings that other companies often deem “untranslatable.”

No language pair is too unique for us to handle. Whether you need a contract translated from Spanish to English, a distribution agreement translated from English to Mandarin or evidentiary paperwork written in three different languages translated into one dialect, we’ve got you covered.

We understand that you’re looking for fast, accurate and completely dependable legal document translation services, and we provide them. From establishing expectations and timelines to assembling the perfect team of experts, we treat you like the top priority you are. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and deadline every time. This level of service and commitment to perfection and client satisfaction is what has made us the preferred choice for legal document translations for nearly 30 years.

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