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Spanish translation services, and Spanish legal translations in particular, require a rigorously specialized set of skills. Getting the job right the first time places extraordinary demands on the legal translation team as a whole.

At Legal Translation Solutions we understand that your Spanish legal translation needs will always be one-of-a-kind. We have a proven track record of assigning the right translation team to the right client project.

Doing this consistently and reliably requires the sort of relationship with our legal translators that can only be built over time and by recruiting accredited legal translators with advanced legal knowledge and expertise.

As the premier Spanish legal translation agency in the United States, at Legal Translation Solutions and its parent company, ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc., we know that sensitivity to linguistic and cultural nuances is necessary, but not sufficient to ensure reliable Spanish legal translations. Our legal translators know that Spanish to English legal translation services aren’t just a matter of working with words. They are about working with holistic systems of highly charged concepts and terminology.

A professional Spanish translator dealing with non-legal materials must of course be able to bridge the linguistic and cultural divide between the English and Spanish-speaking worlds. And the translator must also be sensitive to the idiosyncrasies of individual countries within the Spanish-speaking world. The classic Diccionario de Americanismos in some cases lists 19 different meanings for a single word, depending on the country in which it is used just for the Americas. The same term might mean entirely different things in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, or Spain. Conversely, a country (and even regions within the same country) will sometimes have its own unique terminology to describe a common concept.

A Spanish legal translator must be able to deal with all these issues that a conventional translator faces. But in addition to these key elements, a legal translator must also have a solid grasp of the intrinsic differences between the English common law tradition and other systems of jurisprudence. He or she must know how to draw on a huge body of technical terminology. Most importantly, an experienced legal translator understands that each country is different, and how, in order to have an instinctive feel for what he does not know and go the extra research mile in order to get the job right. It should also be noted that any and all translations of legal material must take into consideration the intent of the source materials and that a legal translator is not at liberty to alter any intent in favor of stylistic preferences. Such knowledge can only be acquired through professional real-life experience, and exposure to scholarship, procedure, litigation, and the courtroom.

This is the sort of experience that the professional Spanish to English legal translators at Legal Translation Solutions can bring to your team. For further information on how Legal Translation Solutions can address your one-of-a-kind Spanish legal translation service requirements, please contact us today.

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