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Celebrating Old Christmas Traditions & Translating New Ones

Around 2 billion people worldwide will celebrate Christmas this year, gathering together with family and friends to enjoy the season. But not everyone will gather around an evergreen tree, exchange gifts and eat a traditional meal. This week we’re spotlighting Christmas traditions, and discussing a very unique tradition that began as a marketing campaign. In […]

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Top Multilingual Countries: Luxembourg

This week we’re spotlighting Luxembourg, a tiny country that’s big on language. What can big business learn from this small country? Read on to find out. According to Mother Nature Network, the tiny country of Luxembourg boasts citizens that are fluent in four different languages. The co-official languages are French and German, with official government […]

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The Cost Of Document Translation Services

How much importance should be placed on the cost of translating your important documents? Several factors will influence the cost for document translation services and a trustworthy translation services provider will never cut corners on quality and accuracy in order to win a bidding process against its competitors – simply because quality cannot be produced […]

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