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Does Your Legal Website Communicate in the Language Your Customers Need?

As we all know, clients come from all walks of life, backgrounds and nationalities. As America’s population becomes more diverse, our legal representatives need to be able to serve people who speak different languages in order to expand their client base and grow their firm. Before choosing a legal representative, most, if not all, people […]

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Going for Gold in International Legal Document Translation Services

  If you’re like the hundreds of millions of spectators from around the world, you’ve probably been glued to the television this week watching the Olympics. Watching the top athletes represent their countries, compete for world recognition and a coveted medal brings the world together in ways that we only see every two years. Have […]

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Accurate Document Translation is What Makes the Business World Go Round: Part II

  Last week on the Legal Translation Solutions blog we highlighted the top 10 U.S. companies and how they’re using the reliable translation of written business communications and the accurate translation of business marketing materials to further their international success. This week we’re covering the second set of 5 companies and how each company is […]

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Accurate Document Translation is What Makes the Business World Go Round

It comes as no surprise that America’s top 10 businesses interact on the international market. What is also not surprising is the fact that they rely on dependable, 100% accurate document translation services in order to be successful in their global ventures. Legal Translation Solutions and its parent company, ASTA-USA Translation Services Inc., is the […]

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Will the Brexit Fallout Translate into a Possible Legal Texit?

As a legal translation services company, Legal Translation Solutions tries to stay up-to-date on all of the latest happenings in the international business world. We understand that our clients need to know what’s going on in order to function smoothly within the legal realm. Whether your company needs important legal documents translated from English to […]

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When the TPP Could Translate into Reality

With so much up in the air within the international market, Legal Translation Solutions strives to give you perfection when it comes to your translated legal documents. Our human translators provide reliable, error-free legal translations for your important documents. We provide stability in an increasingly uncertain market. After defining the TPP and listing its pros […]

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Professional Document Translation Services: A Necessity

In today’s world of fast-paced international business, many organizations are faced with the question of whether or not they should retain a professional translation service to translate documentation from one or more languages into others. It is indeed critical for any successful entity to be able to rely on a professional document translation service provider, […]

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Criteria For Choosing the Best Document Translation Services

Until very recently, it could be argued that translating documents was a choice. But now, with a global economy that effectively functions as a worldwide marketplace, translation of business documents is simply a must. With hundreds of translation services companies available, how do you find the right one that will deliver accurate, high quality document […]

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Professional Document Translations and Context

Professional Translation Services – Translations and Context Languages are systems to encode and decode information. Human or natural languages are cultural constructs; they are arbitrary and based on convention. They not only reflect but effectively shape the way we see reality. The main function of human language is communication and all human language carries meaning. […]

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Document Translation Company Exposes Unreported Revenues

LOS ANGELES, June 14, 2005 /PR Newswire/ – ASTA-USA (Audit Services Translation Assistance – www.ASTA-USA.com) reported today that in the process of performing the highly specialized translation of foreign financial and legal documents – for public corporations in support of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and SEC filing requirements – their expert translators have been able to provide […]

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