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The largest city not only in the state of Florida, but due to the consolidation of city and country government back in the 1960s also the largest city in land area in the contiguous United States, is referred to as a “sleeping giant that is now waking up and becoming a recognized player in the global arena” on the Jacksonville International Committee website.

And with the continued emergence of the region as major international business center, the need for professional document translation services to facilitate communication with foreign business partners, investors, dignitaries, government agencies, educational research organizations, law firms, and corporations has equally skyrocketed. Jacksonville’s diverse economy-including distribution, financial services, biomedical technology, consumer goods, information services, manufacturing, and insurance-requires specialized, professional translators in many language pairs.

At Legal Translation Solutions and our parent company, ASTA-USA Translation Services Inc., we take pride in building relationships with the best document translators in the industry, who specialize in different areas of expertise. This helps us ensure that we can put the right professional translator team together for every single project. Accuracy and quality in document translation relies on selecting certified translators in the required languages with a background in the respective field, experience and expertise in the type(s) of material in question (e.g. legal, financial, technical, business, or marketing), and an in-depth knowledge of source and target markets.

As a longtime transportation and distribution hub, Jacksonville-home to the largest deepwater port in the South and the second-largest port on the East Coast, strategically positioned within hours of the eastern US, the Caribbean basin and Central America and one of the best locations for reaching the east coast of South America-has been overseeing the comings and goings of goods and services on a large scale for many decades. Its international and global impact is thus really just expanding to include other trades and other stages in the development and production process. We are here to help facilitate this expansion by providing top of the line document translations in a broad range of language combinations for your organization, so that the waking giant can realize its full potential.

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