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Phoenix, with a climate hotter than any other major city in the United States, revolutionized its economy early on with the building of the railroad and has developed since to a major transportation hub in North America. Today, the city is a financial, industrial, cultural and economic center of the Southwestern United States.

In keeping up with the continuous globalization of business, more and more companies and organizations, law firms and government agencies in the region require professional, multilingual document translation services. The exchange of goods and products, which in the days of the railroad reached from the eastern to the western end of the States, reaches now all around the globe, making communication on an international level vital to facilitate smooth operations.

At Legal Translation Solutions and our parent company, ASTA-USA Translation Services Inc., we work with certified language professionals specializing in different areas of expertise to help facilitate global commerce in a broad range of trades. So if you approach us with an English to Chinese legal document translation project for one of the electronics corporations or aerospace divisions headquartered in Phoenix, we will select a certified translator team experienced in legal document translations for your respective industry.

While Legal Translation Solutions concentrates on document translations pertaining to litigation and court materials, agreements, contracts, patents, and similar, ASTA-USA Translation Services covers financial, medical, technical, marketing and all other types of document translations, working with highly skilled translation experts-some of them trained right here, in the state of Arizona, graduates from one of the excellent translation and interpretation programs at the state’s universities and colleges.

Education in the field of translation starts early around here: The Professional Language Development Project at UA (University of Arizona), already in its 11th year, prepares each year a group of bilingual high school students for a career in translation and interpretation. The UA’s National Center for Interpretation, which runs the program, is known internationally for its distinguished history of training translators and interpreters.

While our focus at Legal Translation Solutions and ASTA-USA Translation services is the translation of documents, i.e. written materials, we know that document translators also trained in interpreting (live verbal translation) can bring much to the table in terms of expertise, especially if they have court room experience and are certified by one of the state courts. We draw from our global network of professional translators-all highly specialized, certified expert linguists-to ensure that we have an excellent team for every singe project, in any language pair, for our clients in Arizona and around the world.

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