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In the world of diplomacy and government business, the smallest miscommunication can change the course of politics, and translation errors have the potential to harm international relations.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton herself showed that translation gaffes sometimes occur on the highest level, when she handed a gift to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov bearing a mistranslation which read “Overcharge” in Russian while meaning “Reset” in English as caption for the symbolically loaded red button-pointing to hostility rather than peacemaking, as FoxNews puts it.

While the two top diplomats laughed the translation mistake off, the seriousness of translation errors in political relations should not be underestimated. As we know from day-to-day communication, a misplaced word or a misunderstood subtlety of tone can make a huge difference. Translators handling matters of diplomatic significance must be especially sensitive to tone and context as well as have an in-depth knowledge of and be tuned in to cultural differences and etiquettes. In order to avoid such embarrassing situations, the vast majority of international (public or private) corporations and the world’s leading law firms use professional translation services companies like Legal Translation Solutions and its parent company ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc.

Highest standards are equally imperative in the translation of Federal documentation, which can range widely in subject matters. To ensure quality and accuracy, the translation company must assign each project to a team of professional translators specializing in the respective field, which may be medical, technical, or legal in nature and require familiarity with specific vocabularies and concepts.

Legal Translation Solutions and its parent company ASTA-USA Translation Services work with experienced, certified translators worldwide covering a broad range of specialties and language combinations, which allows us to find a perfect match for each assignment we handle. We have a Washington DC/Virginia regional office, and our project managers and lead professional translators are located throughout the DC area, across the United States, Canada, and around the globe-facilitating fast turnarounds in any language pair.

Washington DC, of course, is not only home to politics and government, but also a magnet for growth industries such as paper products, telecommunications, information and computer firms, and many service industries, especially tourism and hospitality firms. According to the Chamber of Commerce, almost 50 of the major Fortune 500 companies have offices in the district, which is also the location of leading world, national, and regional financial institutions.

The need for high quality translation services is just as great in these areas and we serve many companies in various industries, applying the same high standards of accuracy and reliability to make sure businesses and diplomats anywhere in the world do not fall victim to the pitfalls of miscommunication.

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